Review – Steam on Queen


Yesterday was Steam on Queen at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto.  Despite the hangovers, we had a pretty good time!  We did some shopping, and some socialising, and watched the most incredible dancers we have seen in quite some time!

The flamenco dancer was incredible.  She can move her feet so quickly, you can’t even see them move!  I aplogise I can’t find her name at the moment, I will edit her in when I find it.  She was lovely.

The belly dance troupe was simply spectacular!  Beautiful women all, and such movement…They were called Dragonfly Belly Dance.  Really, if you ever have opportunity to see them, I highly recommend the show, just beautiful.

I was familiar with a few of the merchants, but some were new to me like Reflections Vintage & Antiques (links to Facebook group), she has a great collection of vintage clothes for Steampunk attire, as well as “costume” Steampunk items.  She also has fantastic prices on corsets and cinches!  I’ll be saving up my nickels for sure and making a trip back to Toronto to see her.

I also quite liked the Mental Floss Sideshow, they had an interesting array of snakeoils, and other scary…dodgy…erm…she called them “cure-alls”…

Of course the familiar Spencer’s Merchantile as always never disappoints, the “Little Rum Set” quite struck those of us with a hangover as just a tad hurtful 😉

I’d like to thank Canadian Steam Productions for putting on such a wonderful event!  I can’t wait for the summer Steam on Queen now!

I will attempt to get some photos to put up here that some of our members may have taken, I regret that I do not have a camera.

A reminder of upcoming events here in Durham, our Welcome Springtime Luncheon at Trinity Irish Pub in Whitby on Sunday April 13, at 12:30.  Please email me at if you’d like to join us, or would like some additional information.  There’s lots of room!

We also will have a fan information table at the Victorian Market Bizzaar Bazzar on Saturday April 19th, from 9am to 5pm.  Come and introduce yourself, we’d love to meet you.  As an old strange friend of mine used to say, strangers are what friends are made of.  Don’t forget to click the links over to the left to be notified of any updates, or Join Us on Facebook if you’re so inclined.


Here we are folks!



Chugging into the 20th century, (yes yes I know…but we’re Steampunk!)  I thought perhaps we could use a blog, so those who don’t use Facebook can find us and see what we’re up to.

First, allow me to introduce ourselves, we are the Sterling Stars ~ Durham Region Steampunk Society.  (posting this is Rebecca, co-founder)  Established in 2011 by Terrie Brookins and Rebecca Weber, we are a small group in Ontario, Canada who get together now and again for some food, fun and photos.  We like to play dress-up, so any excuse is fine with us.  Is it Saturday?  My dear heavens, we simply *must* dress up!  And I have a new fascinator I can wear.

Next weekend is Steam On Queen so I had to get a new hat (hey, work with me on this!)  If you’re new to Steampunk and you live anywhere near Durham Region, a good spot to get yourself a fascinator is Whitefeather Farm Country Store.  I bought the hat, complete with ruffle and shiny for only $9.99 and then added my own little trinkets bought at Michael’s on sale at the end of last Halloween season.

I took off the shiny bauble

I took off the shiny bauble

in place of the bauble I glued on some cogs and moved the feathers so they’d stick up the other way

in place of the bauble I glued on some cogs and moved the feathers so they’d stick up the other way

and I glued two propeller type pieces to the front of the hat. Voila, new fascinator!

and I glued two propeller type pieces to the front of the hat. Voila, new fascinator!

I will show you the complete costume next weekend.  Don’t you just love the suspense?  🙂

With this new blog I would like to keep folks up to date of what sorts of Steampunky things we’re doing in Durham Region and beyond.  We have a few events coming up, like Steam On Queen, as well as a Welcome Spring Luncheon on April 13th at Trinity Irish Pub our favourite place.  If you would like to join us, please email me so that I know how many to reserve for.  Our brand spankin’ new email address is  We’d love to meet you!

Please do join us on Facebook if you’re not averse.